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the painting exhibition "Scratch" of young artist Truong Cong Tung

Photography installation exhibition “The Colour” of artist Phan Quang (Mar, 4th, 2009)ồng-anh-khỏa-than-lam-người-mẫu-body-painting/

the talks by artist, Tâm Văn Trần and Bruce Yonemoto.

Photography exhibition “1000 Jumps” of artist Pham Van Duc and Ciarna Hackett (Irish artist) ( Jan. 16th 2009) (1000 Jumps)ảy-1000lang_vi/

Oil paints exhibition “A long sleep, followed by a daydream” of artist La Huy (Dec. 15th 2008),17708 (English)


Oil paints exhibition “The story of forest” of artist Nguyen Huy Loc (Sept. 25th 2008) (The Vietnamese Girl Who Found Fire)

Oil paints exhibition “Jump” of artist Pham Van Duc (Jul. 25th 2008) (english) (english)

Oil paints exhibition "Strikes and Gutters" of artist Daniel Joel Hume (Scotland) (Jun. 26th 2008)

Black and white wood-caring painting exhibition "Wild dreaming" by Ha Hung Dung (Jun. 5th, 2008)


The apply art exhibition of Bags "Vietnamese Sedge" by Nguyen Dinh Huan (May 5th 2008).

Exhibition fashion "Soul of Tribes" by Ngo Vy (Apr. 10th 2008).
( Himiko cafe ),7975 (top 10 cafe)

Exhibition of Art Night Lamp “Words of the Wind" by Le Phong. (Mar. 24th 2007).

“A showcase of Lacquer Ware pieces” by the talented children of the Christina Noble Children Foundation (Feb. 15/2008).,6345

Installation exhibition “A World of pluralism” by Nguyen Kim Hoang (Himiko. Nguyen) (Dec 28th 2007). ( Mỹ thuật trẻ )

“I also really like Himiko Café,” says Quynh. “It’s a unique exhibition space run by a young Vietnamese artist who speaks fluent Japanese – she exhibits sculptures, photographs, paintings. It’s unique. ( Nguyen Kim Hoang ) (phong su thong tan xa VN ) (Asia life)

The apply art exhibition “None as anything” by Ngo Dinh Bao Vi (Oct. 20th 2007).

Installation exhibition "Bar Code World" by Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc (Sep. 22, 2007).

“Circle painting” with artist Hiep Nguyen (Aug. 2nd 2007)

(himiko cafe)

The apply art exhibition “Color of clay” by Ha Hung Dung (Jul. 17th, 2007) ( HHD ) ( HHD ) ( BVVTTVN )

( himiko visual café ) ( Asia life )

“CLOSER” – conceptual photography exhibition by Nguyen Kim Hoang (Himiko. Nguyen) (Apr. 22, 2007). (closer) ( closer ) (closer) ( closer ) ( closer )áng-tác-trong-bối-cảnh-“văn-hóa-lÃ

( festival 2007 );_ylt=AjtXhq5UTPweOp9CNVwBvp3VG2oL ( Himiko ) ( Himiko ) (Thanh nien ) ( Himiko )


Installation exhibition “Gathering on October 3rd 2006” by Shinobu – Japanese artist (Oct. 3rd 2006 ( Shinobu - tivi ) ( Shinobu ) ( Shinobu ) ( shinobu ) ( shinobu ) ( shinobu ) ( shinobu )

The exclusive painting exhibition” Internal Instinct “by Irish artist Ciarna Hackett (Aug. 21st 2006) ( Ciarna Hackett ) ( Ciarna Hackett ) ( Ciarna Hackett ) ( Ciarna Hackett )
Internal Instinct, an exhibition of paintings that actualize the essence of women by Ciarna Hackett runs from August 21 to September 3 in HCM City. The central theme of her paintings is the contemporary woman’s internal instinct, strength and desire for liberated love. Hackett’s paintings will be on view at Himiko Visual Café (88 Huynh Tinh Cua St, Ward No.8, Dist.3, HCMC) Ciarna Hackett )

Installation exhibition “I see“ by Nguyễn Kim Hoàng (Himiko. Nguyễn) (Apr 23rd 2006)

Oil painting exhibition “Abstract solution” by Lan Phương (Mar. 31st, 2006)

Oil painting exhibition “Dawn tendency” by Ha Hung (Jan.15, 2006) ( himiko visual cafe ) ( himiko visual cafe )
28th March Chuyia left Saigon in the afternoon. Met Nguyen Kim Hoang; a sculptor and friend of Huy who is based in Saigon and she runs a café cum gallery called Himiko Visual Cafe (). Was so amazed with her lifesize sculpture and sculpting skills...excellent work!
■ヒミコヴィジュアルカフェ(Himiko Visual Cafe)[カフェ] 住所:88 Huynh Tinh Cua St., Dist. 3 電話:(08) 8297840 営業時間:7:00~23:00 日本留学経験がある、美大を卒業したてのオーナーが、内装、家具等の大半を学生たちと手作りしたカフェ。現役の美大生や卒業間もない若い作家の作品に触れられる。ワイヤレスインターネットも完備。

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