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tham gia triển lãm từ xa bằng hình ảnh. :)

 "HI, Am a member of Korea Woman' Designer Association. We will open International Art Show next month. I saw your works. Interesting! So, if u want to join this artshow, pls send me your resume and photo to me. We will print out your works to display for artshow and arrange it. No charge! The deadline will be the 30th of July. I wish we can your artworks on the show. Best regards."

 gởi hình nên tha hồ gởi, tùy người ta chọn. :D

Friday, 5 July 2013

CV visual artist Himiko. Nguyễn

brief :
Himiko Nguyen’s works consist as a projected series about gender, about the third sex in a very strict and distinguishable society. Graduated from the University of Fine Arts with major in Fine Art - Sculpture department in 2005, Himiko Nguyen has established and run the first alternative art space named Himiko Visual Café in Sai Gon since November 2005. She has held 46 personal exhibitions for young artists, more than 15 workshops to exchange and meet artists in this art space.

Besides, since being a student in 2001, she has participated in many group exhibitions such as Performance of NIPPAF 06 Summer: Asian artists meet South American; Cheongju Complex Cultural Center, South Korea - Asian Artists in Residence Program; 2009 December - IFA Gallery, Berlin, Germany - “Connect: Art Scene Vietnam”.

From 2010 to 2011, Himiko Nguyen had organized "THE HAPPENING" project, 15-exhibition series was running the whole year with the participation of 13 young Saigonese artists at Himiko Visual Café.

July 2012 she crashed motorcycles and had a traumatic brain injury (GSC score is 3/15). She has recovered since then and returned to work with COME-OUT II installation project.

Name:                        Nguyen Kim Hoang
Stage name:            Himiko. Nguyen
Nationality:               Vietnamese
Place of birth:          My Tho - Tien Giang Province – Viet Nam

Date of birth:            August 19, 1976
Marital status:          Single
Cellphone:               +84 9777 57 111– 903 190876
Blog:                          http://himikocafe.com
Email:                        himiko.nguyen@gmail.com
Education:               Bachelor of Arts – major in Fine Art, Sculpture department – Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts (2000 - 2005)

Art Activities:
Solo Exhibitions

§  Installation Exhibition “The old dreams” in Himiko visual saloon, HCMC. (Nov. 19th, 2011)
§  Installation Exhibition “Come out” in Himiko visual saloon, HCMC. (June. 03th, 2011)
§  Installation Exhibition “Pluralistic World” in Himiko visual saloon, HCMC, Viet Nam (Dec. 28th, 2007)
§  Conceptual photography ExhibitionCloser” in Himiko visual saloon, HCMC, Viet Nam (Apr. 19th, 2007)
§  Installation Exhibition “I see” in Himiko visual saloon, HCMC, Viet Nam (April, ( 23th 2006.)
Group Exhibitions

Festival Hue 2010
§  Exhibition “Connect Art Scene Viet Nam” in Ifa gallery (Berlin, Germany)
§  Chungbuk international art fair
§  Andeokbeol Art Festival
§  Vietnam new art exhibition in Shin museum (At, Choengju city, South Korea)
§  Dialogue” – sculpture exhibition with Tran Tuan Nghia, in Himiko visual   saloon,   Hochiminh city, Viet Nam.
§  The Art of Philanthropy Auction Benefit at the Luna d' Autunno Restaurant by East Meets West foundation and the ConART initiative.
§  National festival of Young artists, Viet Nam
§  Performance of NIPPAF 06 summer; Asian artists meet South American at Tokyo, Nayoga, Nagano & Kumagaya, Japan.
§  Participating in Exhibition “National Arts for 5 years
§  Exhibition “Good lessons on  Vietnamese Teacher’s day 2004” which was hold at the gallery 96, Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCMC
§  University of Fine Arts student’s Exhibitions at Binh Quoi – HCM City
§  Students Exhibition for Traditional Sculptural (hold as yearly on 26 March in HCMC University of Fine Arts).
§  Participating in three traditional exhibitions which were hold in HCMC   University of Fine Arts on 8 March 2004, 2005, 2006
§  Traditional Exhibitions of Sculpture Students
§  Exhibition of Sculpture students at IDECAF (The mutual culture exchange between Viet Nam and France)
§  Students Exhibition for Traditional Sculptural
§  The first of Students Exhibition for Traditional Sculptural.

Grand & Awards

1)    Cheongju Complex Cultural Center, Asian Artists in Residence Program, Choengju, South Korea. (2007)
2)    The Second prize (there was no first prize) in the third of Traditional Exhibition for Sculptural students with the work: “Waiting – Doi” (2004)
3)    Consolation prize in the second of Students Exhibition for Traditional Sculptural with the work: “Scooping water - Lay nuoc” (2002)
4)    Consolation prize in the first of Students Exhibition for Traditional Sculptural with the work: “Mau An” (hold as yearly on 26 March in HCMC University of Fine Arts) (2001)

Other activities

·         2005-2012: Creating the alternative space, Himiko visual café and 46 exhibitions, 16 meetings with domestic artists .
·         2004: Assistant for Japanese dancer Ryuzo, held by ALBB in Cambodia
·         Assistant for visual artist Sue Hajdu (3 months)

1)          Cooperated with Journalists association to organize the Charitable Exhibition ( Dec. 18, 2005)

at Himiko visual saloon :

2)          Oil painting exhibition “Dawn tendency” of Ha Hung (Jan. 15th, 2006)
3)          Oil painting exhibition “Abstractsolute” of Lan Phuongng (Mar. 31th 2006)
4)          Installation exhibition “I see” by Nguyễn Kim Hoang (Himiko. Nguyen)  (Apr 23th 2006)
5)          Wall pictures “Small and big” by Nguyen The Nang and Tien Trong Nghia (Jun. 29th 2006)
6)          The exclusive painting exhibition” Internal Instinct of Irish artist Ciarna Hackett (Aug. 21st 2006)
7)          Vespa show “Indistinct scooters” (Sept. 7th 2006)
8)          Installation exhibition “Gathering on October 3rd 2006” of Shinobu – Japanese artist (Oct. 3rd 2006)
9)          Exhibition “The life 2” of Hoang Duy Vang (Feb. 18th  2007)
10)       CLOSER” – conceptual photography exhibition of artist Himiko. Nguyen, Apr. 22nd  2007).
11)       DIALOGUE, portrait sculpture exhibition of artist Himiko.Nguyen  & Tran Tuan Nghia (Jun. 15th, 2007)
12)       The apply art exhibition Color of clay” of Ha Hung Dung (Jul. 17th, 2007)
13)       The Distorted Truth” of Truong Tien Tra (Jul. 27th, 2007)
14)       Installation exhibition “Bar Code World” of Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc (Sep. 22, 2007).
15)       The apply art exhibition None as anything” of Ngo Dinh Bao Vi (Oct. 20th 2007).
16)       Installation exhibition “Pluralistic World” of artist Himiko. Nguyen (Dec 28th 2007).
17)        “A showcase of Lacquer Ware pieces” of the talented children of the Christina   Noble Children Foundation (Feb. 15/2008).
18)       Oil painting exhibition “Seed of life” of Tien Trong Nghia (Feb. 26th 2008).
19)       Exhibition of Art Night Lamp “Words of the Wind” of Le Phong (Mar. 24th 2007).
20)       Exhibition fashion “Soul of Tribes” by Ngo Vy (Apr. 10th 2008).
21)       The apply art exhibition of Bags “Vietnamese Sedge” of Nguyen Dinh Huan (May 5th 2008).
22)       The exhibition of handmade products “’Cause all for sale” of Ovi (May 25th 2008)
23)       Black and white wood-caring painting exhibition “Wild dreaming” of Ha Hung Dung (Jun. 5th, 2008)
24)       Oil paints exhibition “Strikes and Gutters” of artist Daniel Joel Hume (Scotland) (Jun. 26th 2008)
25)       Oil paints exhibition “Jump” of artist Pham Van Duc (Jul. 25th 2008)
26)       Oil paints exhibition “The story of forest” of artist Nguyen Huy Loc (Sept. 25th 2008)
27)       Oil paints exhibition “A long sleep, followed by a daydream” of artist La Huy (Dec. 15th 2008)
28)       Photography exhibition “1000 Jumps” of artist Pham Van Duc and Ciarna Hackett (Irish artist) ( Jan. 16th 2009)
29)       The photography exhibition “The Colour” of artist Phan Quang (Mar. 4th 2009)
30)       The painting exhibition “Scratch” of young artist Truong Cong Tung (Apr. 23th 2009)
31)       The painting exhibition “Colour of life” of  artist La.S  (May. 22th , 2009)
32)       The painting exhibition “One’s eyes” of Japan’s artist Koike Meeko ( Oct. 03th , 2009)
33)       Opening “The happening”an art project of the Fifth Years Annivesary of Himiko visual saloon – artist Himiko Nguyen & Ha rom (Nov, 19 th, 2010)
34)       The painting exhibition “The Hidden Language from Fade-away” of artist Nguyễn Sơn (Nov. 27th , 2010)
35)       The painting exhibition “The Complex” of artist Vo Duy Don (Dec. 09th , 2010)
36)       The lacquer painting exhibition “The Memories” of artist Pham Hoang Thuan Nhan (Dec. 22th , 2010)
37)        The Exhibition, Ink on paper paintings “Roundabout” of artist Nguyen Mau Tan Thu (Jan, 13th, 2011)
38)        The short film exhibition “The beginning frames” of director Tran Ly Tri Tan. (Feb, 18th, 2011).
39)        The Installation exhibition “Remains” of artist La Huy (Mar. 06th, 2011).
40)       The installation exhibition “Come out” of artist Himiko. Nguyen (June, 03th, 2011).
41)       The exhibition “Losing face” (Acrylic paintings on paper) of Corazon Higgins (from America) - (June, 23th, 2011)
42)       The painting exhibition “Miscellaneousness” of artist Phan Thanh Minh (July, 15 th, 2011)
43)        The short film exhibition “An Ordinary Sunday” of director Truong Minh Quy. (Aug, 28 th, 2011)
44)       The painting exhibition “ME” of artist La Nhu Lan (Oct, 07 th, 2011)
45)       The painting exhibition “PAUSE” of artist Nguyen Son  (Nov, 1 st, 2011)
46)       The exhibition “The Old Dreams” of artist Himiko. Nguyen (Nov, 19 th, 2011)

Meetings :(at Himiko visual saloon)

1)          Introduce the African dance” – Huuoverseas Vietnamese - living in US and her husband (Brazin) (2005).
2)          Video art” - Kelly Phuong (Dec. 22 , 2006)
3)          Making in process the FREE HUGS of Juan Mann (Australian) in HCMC with Nguyen Ngoc Nam Phuong (Dec. 23th2006).
4)          Noen – no end” – a merry making with flying bay (Dec. 24th 2006)
5)          OVi handbag” Introduce the products of Practical Art (Feb, 2007)
6)          Workshop “Talk by Wu Wenguang” (Feb. 27th 2007)
7)          Circle painting” with artist Hiep Nguyen (Aug. 2 th 2007)
8)          Workshop “One’s eyes” with 3 artirts from Japan: Meiko, Yumiko and Hiroe (a painter, a performance artist and a singer).
9)          Talks by Tam Van Tran and Bruce Yonemoto (Feb.18 th, 2009) (co-organized with Sàn Art)
10)       Workshop with Rashid Saini (mixed-media artist from Singapore) (Mar. 22th, 2009)
11)       Live music by Swedish singer and guitar player Toby ( Mar. 25 th, 2009)
12)       Presentation of Nguyen Son: Roadmap of young art in Saigon – small street and wide alley ( June. 26 th, 2009), co-organized with Goethe Institute HCMC.
13)       Workshop “Pls, slow down” with Korea artist  Lee Jong Hyun (Jan, .04 th, 2010)
14)       FILM SCREENING AND DISCUSSION with film makers Stephanie and Francois Leroy(July, .01 st, 2010), co-organized with Mê phim.
15)       Mervin Espana to show a selection of Filipino short film screening (July, .15 th, 2010), co-organized with Mê phim
16)       The Jazz concert of artist FUASI ADBUL - KHALIQ (Saxophone artist from Berlin) with the guest : Yến Xuân và Thanh Phong (singer), Minh Khôi (bass),Hữu Thạnh (guitar), Huy Tiến và Tim Tiger ( piano) Nguyễn Sơn (visual artist), Tuấn Nghĩa (sculptor), Trí Tân (video) , Himiko. Nguyễn (observer). (Dec. 04th , 2010). (co-organized with Goethe Institute HCMC)

Himiko visual café:
Himiko (In Japanese, it means “the child found fire”) was established from a concept of a playground for young artists, who nurture great ambitions to find themselves, like no others. At this gallery, art is combined with application, giving a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to reach viewers in term of a visual coffee as a good way to popularize art works to community.

Hiniko visual café started to open in 19th, Nov. 2005.


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